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  Posted by:
  Tom Chng, founder of Singapore Watch Club
  24/01/2019 1:41:15 PM
  Subject: Bad Experience
  Just wanna share my bad experience at the JW Gallery today.

As everyone knows, JW has/had a questionable rep for adding on a 7% GST on top of sticker prices. This is an unusual practice in Singapore, and many of my collector friends have brought this up in conversation.

Decided to visit JW today, since this is the only day their shop is open. Shop was pretty quiet, staff standing around, leaning on displays. Saw a Patek I liked, sticker read WZ GST: $55,800 (probably not the exact number, recalling from memory). Approached a member of their staff to clarify if this number was inclusive of tax or not, since WZ GST is not a term I (nor anyone I’ve asked) am familiar with.

Staff refused to answer my ridiculously simple question (that they probably get asked on a regular basis), insisted that I speak to this lady that I can only assume is the lady boss of said establishment. I reassured this member of staff that my question is beyond a doubt well within her (possibly severely limited) level of comprehension, but she refused to listen to me and kept pointing at the aforementioned “lady”.

Lady came over from the other end of the room and asked me it was was the matter I needed to consult her on. I politely asked her if the prices listed were inclusive of tax, and she replied in an extremely rude manner, and I quote “Yes the prices are inclusive of tax, as clearly stated.”

As I recount this incident, a few points leave me puzzled.

1. Why was the member of staff so reluctant to listen to, and answer my very basic question?

2. Why was the “lady” so rude to a customer trying to enquire, and possibly make a purchase?

3. What in the world is WZ GST?!?! How is it “clearly” stated?

My JW experience was the worst. Maybe they’ll treat you better. Visit at your own peril.

Replied by John Wang:

Dear Tom,

Sorry for not replying sooner as we are busy with our shop relocation. I apologise for your experience while visiting our shop. Upon reading your feedback, I reviewed my shop's CCTV video footage and regret some kinds of misunderstanding took place.

The person you approached was my 75 years old mother-in-law who does not understand English. She comes to the shop on that two particular opening days just to occupy her spare time. During your visit, my wife and sister-in-law (SIL) were busy serving customers at the sales counter. You can refer to our CCTV video footage that only my mother-in-law was leaning against the display showcase. We all know old people are unable to stand too long. When you approached her, she replied in a very soft tone "请等一下" and pointed towards the sales counter. She was not trying to be rude as she does not speak or understand English and couldn't answer your query, but she was trying her best through pointing her hand at my SIL to indicate that you would be served later. In fact, you kept asking my mother-in-law several times so she was left with no choice to interrupt my SIL asking her to attend to you while my SIL was still serving her other customer. I don't see any "Rude Manner" from both of my in-laws. The video clips of your 1 min & 45 seconds in our shop will refute your claims of our rude service.

Regarding your other feedback on our pricing display:

Due to the limited space on our price tag, we used the abbreviation 'wz' as a short form of the word - 'With'. We had actually sent this small tag to the IRAS GST department a few years ago, and they did not raise any concerns with our price tag, so I assumed there was no issue.

Our website www.jwwatch.com clearly shows the full word 'With GST' on individual watch listing. I have no intention of misleading my customers. However, being chinese educated, I might have used the wrong English abbreviation. I take your constructive feedback and see any necessary changes to be made to our price tag layout, making the price and GST more clearer.

We hope for your kind understanding and that you will accept our apology for not attending to you immediately due to lack of manpower.


John Wang

**I am happy to share with you the CCTV video footage thru WhatsApp 97352126 including friends Ee Chiat, Alex Quek, Edward Lim Ki-Hoon, ROC members since you also posted similar article on 24 Jan 2019 on Rolex Owners Club Asia forum.........and customers of JW

  Posted by:
  Geoff Shutie
  12/03/2019 1:17:34 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Tom Chng
  I am not sure what this guy is really thinking about, but his questions seem petty to say the least.

I can only say that I have been visiting JW since they started. I can also say that John, his wife and his staff have always been polite, helpful and full of useful information, even during the busy days.

I can't think of a better watch shop with such approachable staff in Singapore.
  Posted by:
  Steve Foo
  02/03/2019 1:56:19 AM
  United Kingdom
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Great Service
  I gave known John and his wife since his very early days. Service has always been fantastic. Coming all the way from the UK, to send my watches for repair and occasional purchases.
  Posted by:
  Alan Yau
  28/02/2019 4:46:23 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Wonderful people and fantastic service at JW Horological Gallery
  I have been dealing with John and Angeline for many years, bought a few watches from them. All my experiences with this lovely couple have been pleasant, they have always been polite, professional and very reasonable. I am dismayed that someone would post negative remarks about this establishment and its team.

John and Angeline, do not be discouraged by this incident. Keep doing what you have been doing and the truth will prevail.

All the best!
  Posted by:
  Chris L
  16/02/2019 9:51:44 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) What’s the big fuss from a FUSS POT?
  John & Angeline are one of the better dealers in the scene and my watch collecting passion was encouraged by their collection too. I haven’t been back in his store for a while now but I can vouch the couple had been very professional & corteous in all my past dealings since I knew them from their old shop @ GE Building.

In any conflict resolutions, a party would normally approach privately first before going public? What’s the endgame of his feedback ? The aggressor’s attempt to name & shame publicly obviously backfired on him BIG time judging from the “public trial” ? And why bother to mention a $55k (dropping names) watch he was after ?


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