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  Posted by:
  julian ng
  07/02/2019 3:31:33 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) feedback on 24th jan 2019 incident
JW Horological Gallery is my go to place for these reasons;

1.Sheer professionalism. Very knowledgeable and capable technically, while being keenly customer focused
2.Displaying warmth & being humble, while dispensing knowledge and advice, when i sought for an input
3.Attentive and always good on their word
4.Always being Fair(Selling watch pieces, taking-in watch pieces & repairservice)
5.Would continue being JW's customer after 15 years, and counting
6.Keenly await your reopening, with your shifting in February 2019

  Posted by:
  Dr Donald Tan
  07/02/2019 9:48:20 AM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) - May have been miscommunication
  I am quite surprised of the post as I have been going to JW Watch for all my servicing plus friendly advices and purchases. At all times, John and his staff were always courteous and ready to help. Every time at JW Watch was a positive experience for me. Will continue to visit John even after his shift to the new location.
  Posted by:
  05/02/2019 7:39:53 AM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Bad experience?
  Dear John,
I am sorry JW has to go through all this nonsense about bad service. I have been with you since Amara days to GE building to International plaza. Shared so many joyous firsts with JW including my first Fifty Fathoms, wife’s first Hermes, colleague’s first Daytona, my father’s restoration of his first Rolex, and countless watch straps, polishing and repairs. Even when I was only browsing with no intention to buy anything, I have always been treated courteously and respectfully by all of your family and staff. Your shop is probably one of the last establishment, that clients like myself have always felt treated like family.
Looking forward to visiting your new shop at Pickering!

Wishing you a joyous Lunar New Year!
  Posted by:
  Benjamin Lai
  04/02/2019 6:36:25 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Nothing but the best.
  I've had the pleasure of buying from JW for about 10 years.
Regardless of the price tier, I am always treated with respect and professionalism from everyone in the shop.
I've never seen anyone being treated otherwise, be it for servicing, watch purchase or authentication.
  Posted by:
  Harry Tan
  01/02/2019 2:49:50 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Professional Service
  I have bought from and sold watches to JWW. John would always serve me.

He is very professional, courteous and I trust his opinion.

The GST issue is exaggerated. If we pay GST buying groceries in the supermarket, I can’t see why we make an issue over this when buying a luxury watch.


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