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  29/01/2019 1:02:31 AM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) My experience
  I am writing this because I just read a feedback of bad experience of JW. My experience is totally different and I would like to share.
Firstly I must say I am not John himself pretending as YIP :p.

Ok, joke aside. I checks JW webpage every week, and I do not visit JW H Gallery very often, about a few times a year. But it is always a delightful one every time, no matter buying something or just browsing in the shop. John is helpful and easy to talk to, the lady boss ( I don’t know her name, until reading some previous feedback today) is always soft spoken and polite. A bit of patient is needed especially during weekend ( they used to open more days in a week...).

Some other watches sellers do not charge GST but JW does. As a Singaporean, I knows why and understands. I had once forgotten about it, the lady boss calculated the total amount after GST and told me how much I need to pay. So I think it is fair and Ok.

I am looking forward to visit their new shop soon.


  Posted by:
  19/01/2019 8:50:33 PM
  Subject: JW horological Gallery is TOP
  John and Angie has been in this business for many years, they are TOP notch in the watch industry. I am always very pleased and satisfied with their customer service. Their showroom is beautiful and well curated, I always enjoy my time there whenever I pop by. Over the years, through our dealings, they treated me like their friend and whenever I need some advice on my watch, John will give his honest opinions.

When it comes to watch servicing, I only trust John and his team. With John, I am assured that my precious time pieces are well taken care of even to the smallest details. John is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his craft. He knows exactly what a purist would request from their trusted, reliable watchmaker. A true artisan!

John is passionate about watches and understands the mindset of the watch collector, he knows what every watch collector want. I always have 100% peace of mind knowing that John will do the very best he can.
  Posted by:
  Yeo Teck Chye
  13/12/2018 11:00:57 PM
  Subject: From Watch Restorer to Friends
  I've gone to JW Watch since they were in their previous premises until they moved to the current International Plaza place. In this time, I've sent a 1969 Seiko, a pre-owned Lord Marvel, an old Omega windup watch, an Omega Chronostop, my beloved 16013 Rolex, an old Seiko UFO, a 1000m Sector Golden Eagle, and a 1963 Rado Green Horse for full servicing, overhaul & restoration.
This may seem like an awful lot of watches to send to any 1 particular place, notwithstanding the fact that each took 3-4 months to finish & collect. It's also not a short amount of time by any measure, but each time I collect my watches from John or Angie, I am comforted knowing that they were in good hands, & with a watch-smith who knows what he's doing!
I recall sending my dearly departed Father-in-law's Rado Greenhorse to John for restoration & repairs, & having asked him to recondition the dial, was advised not to re-touch it to maintain a vintage look, less I loss all semblance of an old watch from 1963, with a dial heavily made-up & unblemished. Only someone who loves watches genuinely would render such advice, & today, I look at the watch, & it winds silky-smooth & keeps excellent time, and is in impeccable condition, along with all the other watches I have ever sent to him for repairs & servicing.

In due course of our transactions, we have become friends, together with his wife Angie, sister Annie, her mum & the people behind the glass windows doing the repairs. We have many long conversations about watches & life, in many of my visits to their showroom, a fitting testimony to not only their dedication to their craft, but also their amicable relationship with their customers! They are artisans at what they do, and for the same cost, we'd be hard-pressed to find an equivalent anywhere else! Great Work JW Watch! TC:)
  Posted by:
  Dr Leong
  26/10/2018 8:06:09 AM
  Subject: Impeccable overhaul of vintage watches
  Having been a long-time customer of John's, I brought my vintage CWC W10 and Seagull ST5 to him for an overhaul, having complete faith that he would do a good job.

He didn't disappoint: he lovingly restored the W10, sourced for parts, and buffed the case to a beautiful finish. The ST5 was also serviced to the usual high standard; now both watches are ticking perfectly and ready to go on the next lap of their long and storied lives.

A pleasant surprise is that both watches are now - amazingly for 40-year-old watches - running within chrometer specs!

John is professional, honest, highly skilled and devoted to his craft. One couldn't ask more of a watchmaker.
  Posted by:
  Tony Hun
  01/01/2018 12:41:15 PM
  Subject: After Sales Service
  I bought a pre-owned Panerai PAM312 from John on Jul'y17. It stopped suddenly last week and I brought it back to JW Watch for repair service despite warrantee was already over for this pre-owned piece. Despite JW Watch has standard three months repair time, John personally look into this and he informed me within hours after I past him my time piece. He even repaired it within same day and free of charge. I thanks John and his term of excellence after sales service and I am continue to visit his shop to look for more time pieces as I trust I have in good hand after my purchase.


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