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  Posted by:
  Winston Chew
  31/01/2019 11:15:45 AM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Keep Up the Good Service
  Dear John and Angeline,

Just giving encouragement to both of you to keep up the excellent service repairing and restoring my vintage watches over the last few decades! Keep up the good work and good luck on the relocation to the new shop. See you soon in your new shop in March and hope to hear from you on the Rolex watch strap.

Best Wishes for the coming lunar new year.

  Posted by:
  Peter Wong
  31/01/2019 9:49:53 AM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Can we show respect to our Pioneer Generation ... ?
  I read with amusement the posting by a visitor. It states that he is the founder of a watch club. I have visited JW Watches in the past, but have not lately because of a busy schedule. When I 1st visited maybe 10 years ago, JW has been using these green price tags. They clearly state the prices before and after GST. Both figures are handwritten in a legible manner. If a customer is in doubt, a check with his mobile calculator will show that the higher figure has 7% added to the lower figure. The difference is the GST.

How is a customer left confused ? I don't understand.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, which Mr John had explained was his mother-in-law who speaks little English. She is a senior citizen, and I have no doubt part of our Pioneer Generation. Can we show some respect and give a wider berth of understanding and allowance to our seniors? She had less educational opportunities and is not as well educated as the visitor.

The visitor was also offended by the 2nd lady who attended to him, maybe in the way she responded. I have always received warm and personal service from Mr John and Ms Angeline. Maybe this is a case of miscommunication in tone and voice. It is right that service staff should not only be polite and courteous, but also to ensure that the visitor feels that way. This visitor obviously didn't.

Anyway, Mr John has graciously apologised for the unhappiness caused. THat's the right thing to do.
  Posted by:
  Andrew R
  30/01/2019 9:22:25 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Outstanding customer service & craftsmanship
  Been a client of John's for many years now and can comfortably state that he and his team have been producing outstanding work for as long as I can remember. With care and patience, in case of vintage watches certainly a lot of the latter in particular, they've managed to bring even those pieces back to life that I had already given up on, and that others in town, yes even some of the big brand service centers, were unable to do anything about or even had messed up completely. And while nobody ever is perfect, John & his team are getting close and manage to overcome those unavoidable but very rare small glitches with a renewed effort and a smile.
I have never experienced the team communicating with me or, based on numerous visits to their store, with any other client in anything other than a polite and knowledgeable manner, no matter the situation. It's hard to understand how anyone could possibly view their service or communication in a different way.
Absolute thumbs up and a big compliment to the team for outstanding service over the years.
Best of luck in the new place!
  Posted by:
  Roland Lim
  29/01/2019 10:21:19 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) My favourite shop
  Have been JW Amara shop since the 90's till now the IP shop.
Always enjoy my visit there and like their reasonably pricing of new or preown watches.
Both John and Angela are friendly and knowledgeable.
Witnessing it became very popular lately, at time feel "unwanted" there too due to over crowded. But don't think it is fair to call it a bad experience.
This is one of the credible preown shop I will surely recommend to my friends.
Looking forward to visit their new shop in March soon.
  Posted by:
  Han WJ
  29/01/2019 2:20:01 PM
  Subject: (TOM CHNG - BAD EXPERIENCE) Excellent service and Experiences
  Over the past few years, i have 2 watch servicings at JW, and 1 watch purchased there, have no doubt their service are great, if not impeccable.
Very detailed and knowledgeable!
Will continue to patronise and recommended them to friends and relatives!


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