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  Posted by:
  Mrs Kang
  03/07/2008 2:36:57 PM
  Subject: Watch for Servicing
  I sent my lady Rolex Watch for Servicing. Oh my gosh when I received the watch, it looked like brand new! My friend thought I bought another new watch again. Cos when I sent in, there were so many scratches & dents on the watch.

Thanks JW that this watch is very meaningful to me cos it was a wedding gift from my parent.
  Posted by:
  Choe Kee Hong
  25/06/2008 2:23:11 PM
  Subject: Great Service, even greater knowledge
  I just bought a pre-owned IWC Mark XII from JW. It is a beautiful watch. The service was excellent. John was patient and knowledgeable when he explained the history of the watch to me.

I have been JW's client for two years and I trust their expertise and fair dealing. Just like a good watch, JW has integrity and character. I like shopping there for watches. Over the last two years, I have bought two Auguste Reymond, two Oscars, one GP ladies, one Seiko Perpetual and the recent IWC. Each time I left the place a very satisfied customer.

Keep up the good job!

Choe Kee Hong
  Posted by:
  24/12/2007 8:53:32 PM
  Subject: Excellent Dealer
  I have been John's customer for the last 9 years, and never once I was disappointed with either a purchanse or sending my vintage watches for service.

John is just about the only guy I would trust with my vintage collection. A honest and sincere dealer, fair price and excellent service.
  Posted by:
  Chris L
  24/12/2007 5:14:40 PM
  Subject: Rolex Vintage
  Hey bro,

Greatly appreciate your time, patience & professionalism for imparting your vintage watch knowledge =)

As a newbie collector, that means a lot when your gallery is crawling with customers and you still find a moment to explain the piece to me.

Looking forward to collect more "national treasures" from your gallery.

Blessed Merry Xmas & A Bountiful Happy New Year 2008.

Many cheers mate!
  Posted by:
  Joseph Tan
  03/12/2007 8:53:07 AM
  Subject: Great change to the website!
  What a wonderful surprise this morning when I log on to your webpage! Great change and now it is even more comprehensive and user friendly! Well done!


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