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  Posted by:
  29/12/2011 5:18:04 PM
  Subject: Ballot instead of first-come-first-served.
  Dear JW,

Kindly pardon me for my ignorant to your reason for a first-come-first-served (FCFS) purchase policy, however, after encountering an incident due to the vying for a popular watch, I notice that there can be loophole under the current FCFS system as there is no reliable witness around to verify who has reached earlier and there are disappointment/frustration among keen sincere buyers, who due to whatever important reason, may not be able to participate in a FCFS queue.

Therefore, may I suggest that the first-come-first-serve basis be replace with balloting instead. As such it will allow every interested party to gain a fair share of opportunity that is unaffected by any dispute regarding whoever has reached early or in is in queue earlier- this will potentially eliminate the tension build up during a queue and save everyone's time. In addition, buyers who willingly attend the ballot- perhaps at your determine time- may be more receptive to the drawing result as every participant stand equal chance and has managed their expectation.

I sincerely hope you may consider such an option as I believe that JW has been offering great service and product to it's satisfied customers that such predicament shouldn't exist to affect the relationship. Thank you.

Replied by John:

In the event of a dispute with the queue order, we will check the security camera installed at the main door.
  Posted by:
  Choe Kee Hong
  03/11/2011 11:24:39 PM
  Subject: Precista Chronograph
  Thank you for doing a wonderful job an overhaul of my vintage Precista Chronograph.

The money was well-spent on the vintage timepiece and I have been wearing the vintage on a daily basis so far because it looked so fresh.

I also appreciate you for going the extra mile of changing a new plexi crystal as a complimentary service.

Please keep up the excellent work. As usual, I know my watches are safe and well taken care of by an experienced, passionate and trustworthy watchmaker.

Choe Kee Hong
  Posted by:
  Dr Sanjay
  20/09/2011 1:05:27 AM
  Subject: Anonimo San Marco
  I have been going to JW for some years now and recently purchased a Anonimo San Marco thanks to John.

I always find great deals at JW and the service provided by both John and Angeline is superb.

They are helpful, friendly and do their best to get the watch pieces you want

Thanks guys
  Posted by:
  12/07/2011 12:43:17 PM
  Subject: Maurice Lacroix Pontos Rectangulaire PT 6147

Today is my first time surfing your website and I was looking thru the pictures you have posted in your website. Boy you have an impressive collection of watches in a very nice shop!

While browsing your selection of watches on your website this afternoon, we spotted the Maurice Lacroix Pontos Rectangulaire PT 6147. We were planning to make a dash to your shop at lunchtime tomorrow to get the watch (we read about how fast your watches get snapped up.) but when we surf again (now) it's sold!

My boyfriend is really disappointed. We really liked the watch very much.

Can you help us?


  Posted by:
  22/06/2011 11:58:44 PM
  Subject: Boxy Brick Winder
  Hi, I saw your ad on the boxy watch winder and am keen to get 4 pieces. May I know whether you still have stocks so that I can go down on Thursday to your shop to have a look. Tks.


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